Planning & Program Design

Planning: Effective planning includes development of a vision, recognition of barriers, identification of strategic directions and establishment of implementation plans.

Program Design: Program design consists of community and organizational needs assessment, identification of community assets, partnership development, resource identification, intervention design, written policies and procedures, development of evaluation measures and planning for sustainability.

As an independent consultant, Ms. Murphy has facilitated the development of the following programs and plans:

  • City of Racine Health Department
    Community Health Improvement Plan - 5-Year Strategic Plan
    Healthy Births Healthy Families Community Outreach Plan
    Healthy Births Healthy Families Policy & Procedure Manual

  • Wilberg Community Planning, LLC
    Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services - Pandemic Flu Plan

  • Center for Urban Population Health
    Strategic Plan

Amy Murphy has successfully completed training at the Institute of Cultural Affairs in Facilitation Methods, Strategic Planning, and Participatory Methods for Data Gathering and Analysis.